Monday, October 8, 2012

From the Battleground

I've lived in Virginia 29 years and this is the first time I've seen it matter in an election. I hear it went for Obama in 2008 but the politics in this state are as schizophrenic as the weather. Exhibit A - George Allen can still show his face.

Mostly, this new status only means we get more and more damned campaign ads. I've never seen a campaign ad that wasn't pandering bullshit and neither have you. Because those ads don't exist. The intellectual high point of these have just been rehashing Mitt's 47% flub - which, as I've already pointed out, is a bullshit statistic. So it's bullshit debunking bullshit.

And no one in this state cares. Most of them if asked would repeat the same line as Romney, it being a popular meme among stupid people. What's really hurting Romney in Virgina is he pissed all over the State Department with his Libya gaff. That's the largest voting block in this state after DOD staff - not actual soldiers - and a bunch of racist Jesus freaks. That last group will always vote Republican because everyone knows Democrats are in league with Old Scratch but those State and DOD workers are usually who carry the election, being strident supporters of private enterprise and opposed to government spending.

Really. Damn near every State and DOD employed Virginian is most concerned about excessive government spending. Like I said, stupid people.

But people who understand when someone craps on them, like Romney did over Libya. So will that make Virginia go Obama again? Maybe, I don't really care. I'm voting for Barry just 'cause it angers up those technocratic dweebs I just described. American politics devolved to raw spite years ago and this is a spite that works for me for a change.

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