Wednesday, September 28, 2011

NYPD Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna Is A Fascist Prick

So it turns out that since the weekend there have been massive fraking protests on Wall Street. Who knew? Not you, thanks to CNN. They didn't even bother with the story until today and are noticeably averse to getting into the details.
Especially since one of the NYPD's finest assaulted a bunch of defenseless and corralled women -

This isn't to say all NYPD officers are miserable bastards who attack unarmed civilians for giggles. In fact, a good number of officers were nailed by Inspector Baloney. All officers issued pepper spray have to get shot with it first so they are intimately familiar with the sensation but it's still probably surprising to get nailed by one of your superiors when he's committing assault.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Eat The Rich

The top story on the tubes today is still Obama's proposed Buffet Rule - making the rich idiots pay their fair share. Taxing the rich is something I stridently support and while I can't help suspecting the usual calculation by this maneuver - the GOP 2012 candidates now have to explicitly state their party's position of coddling the people who are screwing the country - this is a step in the right direction for the first time in a decade.

While the idiotic arguments over Afghanistan and "socialized medicine" will never end in America - not until all the Cold War babies are in their cold graves - getting more tax revenue from people who can afford it ten times over keeps all the welfare and wars humming so people will still have silly shit to argue about. Except for some, of course. That one-third of the electorate who remain suckers for anything just saying its "American." To those, the folks who remember Reaganomics with fondness and who today wish for a return to the Bush years and are railing across the web about the rampant socialism of "Obummer" as you like to call him, I have one thing to say -


We gave you thirty years of deregulation and privatization and your trickle-down voodoo economics and it didn't work! You are wrong, you have always been wrong, and you have caused more damage to the United States than a thousand bin Ladens. I would go so far as to call you traitors but you lack the awareness to even realize what generational national disaster you've created.

He's dead. Good.

I'm not even going to single out any particular strains of retardation. This general brainwave, this "government bad, business good" bullshit has ruined the most powerful empire in human history - all with a vacant grin and shallow platitudes about "patriotism" and "what the Founding Fathers intended." Well fuck the Founding Fathers - fuck all those slave-owning clowns and fuck you with a hammer if that's your ethical standard.

If you're so keen on a country without any Big Gub'mint getting in the way of your precious little "free market," go live in Somalia. Or kill yourself. It'll be the first good thing you ever do for your country.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

A minor news item but one I've been puzzling over - DoD Seeks to Protect GPS Operations.

It's buried in the lower middle of the article but the main complaint is that LightSquared'd proposed wireless boradband network jams the DoD's GPS capabilities. Since the article is from the DoD itself, that's all they care to say on that but it raises several important questions -

1) As any right-thinking citizen knows, the DoD reflexively lies about everything so what's their real beef with LightSquared? US internet capabilities are in the stone age compared to the rest of the developed world thanks in large part to telecom monoplies gouging anyone who wants service - telecoms that additionally get fat DoD contracts like every shady business in this country.

2) Assuming this isn't just a reflexive snowjob and military GPS systems are so vulnerable to some middling company's wireless signal, who's the asshole who forgot to upgrade these systems!? We're talking about the biggest and most expensive military in the history of the world turning deaf and mute from the lowly signal some nerds cooked up to uplift US broadband access to something on par with South Korea.

It's because of stories like these I dismiss all the Loose Change idiots. All evidence points to much more mundane conspiracies of graft and concealing rampant incompetence.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

John Huntsman: Just Another Wall Street Suckpuppet

Say what you want about America's crooked political system, at least it's consistent...

John Huntsman has been slithering in the background of the GOP circus for a few months. Rather than get stuck in with the other automatons pandering to flyover state mutants, he's been acting all coy and professional like -- offering up coherent arguments against Obama's entirely non-liberal policies. He even looked to be on the left of things for a while.

Well screw that! Left don't get paid and if his performance yesterday is any indication, Huntsman is just out to get paid like all the other pols. What the hell is wrong with America that people will do absolutely anything for money? The way they let industry write all the laws these days, how is the 2012 election any different from a reality show full of catty airheads trying to one-up eachother to the hundred grand prize or Brett Michael's penis?


Huntsman's opening "Vote For Me!" speech from last week read like a history of every stupid policy that got us in this mess in the first place -- deregulation, corporate tax cuts, even the incredibly wrongheaded "tax holiday" for the rich assholes who've cheated on their taxes with offshore accounts. This bullshit has been around for thirty years but everyone's acting like Jonny's the first one to ever think of it.

And it don't work. If there's been one indisputable truth to post-Reagen America, it's that if you cut taxes for the rich they sure as hell won't use the extra revenue to create jobs for all us peasants. They'll spend it on private islands or big shiny rocks, but no way will they invest in society like good citizens.

It'd be easy to dismiss people who keep falling for this as stupid. They are stupid of course -- lord almighty are they stupid! -- but even stupid people start to get wise when you've been cornholing them for three decades and saying it's for their own good. Problem is, being stupid, they'll choose the worst possible solution...

Ron Paul addressing his base.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Let's Hate James M. Taylor

Since the eXiled updates only sporadically these days, I've taken to trolling Google News to keep my brain occupied during work hours. It's good because it keeps me informed and because it gives me fresh, smiling new targets like James M. Taylor, senior fellow for environment policy at The Heartland Institute and managing editor of Environment & Climate News.

It's a face even a mother could punch!

I have two reasons for picking on little Jimmy. First, and most obviously, he's one of those infuriating douchebags repeating the same "global warming isn't real and if it is it won't hurt anything" lies that got old twenty years ago. Here he is scoffing at the notion climate change is affecting hurricane season. This debate actually took off in 2005 and everyone with any knowledge on the subject knows it's not so much a debate of "if" but rather "to what degree." The only contrary voices you'll find are on the payroll of one petrol company or another -- or writing crappy articles for Forbes, a magazine for and by the rich established by Steve Forbes on the fortune his parents made for him.

In another article, Taylor works hard to blow Rick Perry for the "success" story of Texas. To his credit, Taylor completely ignores the fact that Texas is in a shambles and just focuses on how Perry bullied the people who wanted clean air and water. It's your standard suck piece, which Taylor has clearly done many times before. This boy ain't no virgin, that's for sure!

I usually don't like to go off on specific people, especially nobodies like Taylor. I'm a nobody myself so I understand it's rather counterproductive, like two crabs fighting over who gets to mount the dead hagfish. That's where my second reason for writing this comes in --

Let’s cut through the rhetoric and answer the global warming question of the week: Was there a link between global warming and Hurricane Irene? The answer is definitely yes... When Hurricane Irene made landfall in North Carolina, it marked the first time in over 1,000 days – just shy of three years – that a hurricane struck the contiguous United States. This matched the periods from 1980 through 1983 and 1999 through 2002 as the longest periods in recorded history that a hurricane did not strike the United States. So, we have over 100 years of human-caused global warming, yet the three longest stretches of hurricane-free conditions have occurred within the past three decades. This seems a little odd if global warming causes more hurricanes, doesn’t it?

See that? We in the blaggin' bid'ness call that "shitty writing." Here's some more --

“Global warming causes more Chicago Cubs World Series championships.”
Really? Where are all the World Series championships?

“Well, they haven’t arrived yet, but they are most certainly coming because global warming causes more Chicago Cubs World Series championships.”

Can you tell us when all these Chicago Cubs World Series championships will start happening, so we can test the prediction?

“No, but they will certainly happen.”

It has been roughly a century since you say humans have begun causing global warming. Doesn’t the fact that the Chicago Cubs STILL haven’t won any World Series championships, even after 100 years, give you reason to think you may be wrong?

“No, the lack of Chicago Cubs World Series championships merely proves that global warming is worse for the rest of major league baseball teams than we feared. The fact that Chicago Cubs World Series championships haven’t yet occurred merely means that Cubs championships will have to increase even more dramatically in future years to meet our predictions. This proves global warming is even worse than we feared for the rest of the baseball world.”

Okay, what the holy frak is Taylor babbling about? It takes half the article to understand he's on the climate change denial merry go round because his writing is just so goddamn terrible. Jimbo, take a theme and focus on it. If you need an example, I'm giving you one right now -- I hate you so everything I'm writing here is about how much you suck. Got it? Or do we need anymore remedial rhetoric lessons?

Shit like this is why I end so many posts on a cynical note. This pig-faced loser is being paid top dollar to lie -- and they're not even partisan lies! Taylor has built himself a little career out of soft-peddling a massive threat to his own species and for what? A check from Forbes and his greasy mug on a "legitimate" website?

James, it's fuckers like you that make me wonder if humans are even worth saving.