Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Eat The Rich

The top story on the tubes today is still Obama's proposed Buffet Rule - making the rich idiots pay their fair share. Taxing the rich is something I stridently support and while I can't help suspecting the usual calculation by this maneuver - the GOP 2012 candidates now have to explicitly state their party's position of coddling the people who are screwing the country - this is a step in the right direction for the first time in a decade.

While the idiotic arguments over Afghanistan and "socialized medicine" will never end in America - not until all the Cold War babies are in their cold graves - getting more tax revenue from people who can afford it ten times over keeps all the welfare and wars humming so people will still have silly shit to argue about. Except for some, of course. That one-third of the electorate who remain suckers for anything just saying its "American." To those, the folks who remember Reaganomics with fondness and who today wish for a return to the Bush years and are railing across the web about the rampant socialism of "Obummer" as you like to call him, I have one thing to say -


We gave you thirty years of deregulation and privatization and your trickle-down voodoo economics and it didn't work! You are wrong, you have always been wrong, and you have caused more damage to the United States than a thousand bin Ladens. I would go so far as to call you traitors but you lack the awareness to even realize what generational national disaster you've created.

He's dead. Good.

I'm not even going to single out any particular strains of retardation. This general brainwave, this "government bad, business good" bullshit has ruined the most powerful empire in human history - all with a vacant grin and shallow platitudes about "patriotism" and "what the Founding Fathers intended." Well fuck the Founding Fathers - fuck all those slave-owning clowns and fuck you with a hammer if that's your ethical standard.

If you're so keen on a country without any Big Gub'mint getting in the way of your precious little "free market," go live in Somalia. Or kill yourself. It'll be the first good thing you ever do for your country.

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