Saturday, September 17, 2011

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

A minor news item but one I've been puzzling over - DoD Seeks to Protect GPS Operations.

It's buried in the lower middle of the article but the main complaint is that LightSquared'd proposed wireless boradband network jams the DoD's GPS capabilities. Since the article is from the DoD itself, that's all they care to say on that but it raises several important questions -

1) As any right-thinking citizen knows, the DoD reflexively lies about everything so what's their real beef with LightSquared? US internet capabilities are in the stone age compared to the rest of the developed world thanks in large part to telecom monoplies gouging anyone who wants service - telecoms that additionally get fat DoD contracts like every shady business in this country.

2) Assuming this isn't just a reflexive snowjob and military GPS systems are so vulnerable to some middling company's wireless signal, who's the asshole who forgot to upgrade these systems!? We're talking about the biggest and most expensive military in the history of the world turning deaf and mute from the lowly signal some nerds cooked up to uplift US broadband access to something on par with South Korea.

It's because of stories like these I dismiss all the Loose Change idiots. All evidence points to much more mundane conspiracies of graft and concealing rampant incompetence.

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