Wednesday, September 7, 2011

John Huntsman: Just Another Wall Street Suckpuppet

Say what you want about America's crooked political system, at least it's consistent...

John Huntsman has been slithering in the background of the GOP circus for a few months. Rather than get stuck in with the other automatons pandering to flyover state mutants, he's been acting all coy and professional like -- offering up coherent arguments against Obama's entirely non-liberal policies. He even looked to be on the left of things for a while.

Well screw that! Left don't get paid and if his performance yesterday is any indication, Huntsman is just out to get paid like all the other pols. What the hell is wrong with America that people will do absolutely anything for money? The way they let industry write all the laws these days, how is the 2012 election any different from a reality show full of catty airheads trying to one-up eachother to the hundred grand prize or Brett Michael's penis?


Huntsman's opening "Vote For Me!" speech from last week read like a history of every stupid policy that got us in this mess in the first place -- deregulation, corporate tax cuts, even the incredibly wrongheaded "tax holiday" for the rich assholes who've cheated on their taxes with offshore accounts. This bullshit has been around for thirty years but everyone's acting like Jonny's the first one to ever think of it.

And it don't work. If there's been one indisputable truth to post-Reagen America, it's that if you cut taxes for the rich they sure as hell won't use the extra revenue to create jobs for all us peasants. They'll spend it on private islands or big shiny rocks, but no way will they invest in society like good citizens.

It'd be easy to dismiss people who keep falling for this as stupid. They are stupid of course -- lord almighty are they stupid! -- but even stupid people start to get wise when you've been cornholing them for three decades and saying it's for their own good. Problem is, being stupid, they'll choose the worst possible solution...

Ron Paul addressing his base.

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  1. Huntsman isn't out for money; if he was he'd stick to private sector, his family is flabbergastingly wealthy. When wealthy people get bored, they want power and influence. Huntsman is like other politicians in that he'll spend as much as he can and pay off as many idiots as it takes to try to get to the presidency. Alas, there's no way in hell he'll make it, making his foray over to the dark(er) side that much more tragic.