Friday, October 12, 2012

Rock 'em Sock 'em Candidates

There was a debate last night if you hadn't heard. Matt Taibbi has the best to say about it, being less concerned with crowing over Biden's victory than with the proper thrashing delivered to Ryan.

I'll say this though - it's Ayatollah! Singular! The Romney/Ryan ticket has been presenting itself as strident know-nothings on foreign policy for over a month now, but when you don't even know the titles in the one government on Earth that seriously hates us, you have no business playing Commander in Chief.

Ryan also repeated the "Russia is our enemy!" meme, a favorite of clueless yokels like his boss and Cold War fossils who are still cranky about not getting thermonuclear war. At least the bullshit from the Democrats is new bullshit, the GOP still thinks it can win by pitching the same policies that dominated from '00 to '08.

Which they can, since Americans are so damned stupid. Read the Taibbi post if you want more in-depth analysis. The gist of last night was Biden giving Ryan - and these failed policies - a long overdue drubbing.

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