Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Nanny State by Any Other Name...

The Romney-Ryan Campaign said it would focus on storm relief. If you have a functioning brain stem, your immediate reaction to such a claim should be, "What the hell can they do!?" Because Romney ain't president, he ain't even governor anymore. But he is still stinking rich.

"Romney, the GOP presidential nominee, will be joined by race car driver Richard Petty and country singer Randy Owen at what is billed as a 'storm relief event' in Kettering, Ohio."

We won't get in to how New York got the real drubbing from Sandy, but this speaks to something at the heart of conservative rhetoric in this country - we fucking love handouts. I know, everyone's supposed to be a rugged induhvidualist and all, but when things need fixing we're always happy for someone else to do it. For free.

What conservatives, libertarians, and other subomegaloids object to is how these handouts are administered. They absolutely refuse to have government do it, not because government is evil - except the libertarians but they're fucking morons - but because then it becomes something impersonal and equal. And these poor dweebs need to feel flattered by their betters stooping to help them - "Oh, thank you for the storm relief, Massa!" - something bloodless plutocrats like Romney are happy to indulge in because it reinforces his own sense of power.

Just a thought for today. A reminder that all this noise we've been hearing for the past year about the threat of Big Gub'mint is just that. Stupid noise by stupid people but useful to clowns like Romney.

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  1. I think military dictatorship is a more accurate observation of our `society`.

    By definition--as in, there's no argument to the contrary-- America is a nightmarish police state. Moreover, we're juuuuuust on the threshold of concocting a maniacal fascism that your Orwell's of the world never saw in their worst nightmares.