Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Romney Gets His Hate On

So we all know Romney made some nasty comments about them freeloaders who don't pay no federal income taxes. What we don't know is why his own party is now claiming distress that he did.

If you've been paying attention for the last thirty years, you know welfare recipients are the biggest target for the GOP besides brown people and non-existent commies. But see, that was all implied rather than outright stated. Romney, desparate for the approval of the hateful subomegaloids who make up the Republican base, just echoed their own utterly wrong gripes about the tax-and-spend government. And the freaks will never forgive him for it.

Understand this "They don't pay taxes!" thing is transparent bullshit. It's disproved by just two words - "sales tax" - but it gets at the shallow sense of fairness entertained by most Americans. If we're talking gross, then rich idiots are certainly paying more in taxes simply because any percentage of their income is going to be substantial.

Which is as it should be. Now, percentage-wise, Wall Street fools pay substantially less than you do, you sucker. But as few Americans demonstrate the ability to understand the distinction, this 47% meme persists all across message boards and blogs.

And Romney, looking for some means to appeal to his own indifferent base, latched on to this brainwave. The punditry are crying doom but remember there are far fewer of them than mathematically retarded spite-voters. That spite might still carry the election for Romney, if he can stick by his own nonsense.

Y'know, if he doesn't flip-flop...

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