Monday, January 9, 2012

Hey Look! American Conservatives Are Behaving Like Stupid Assholes Again!

So some scientist wrote a global warming chapter for Gingrich's new book. An honest chapter about how it's, y'know, real. And it kicked up a shit storm.

Pill-popping closet-case Rush Limbaugh was the first to take a swing at it. Then people started questioning Gingrich at campaign stops. Since getting elected trumps integrity - or actually doing anything once in office - the Gingrich team axed the article and left it for the author herself, Katherine Hayhoe, to find out through a third party - a reporter who called to ask her, "So how do you feel about your chapter getting axed?"

"What? It was!?"

Really. The Gingrich team didn't even bother notifying her. You can't blame 'em, after all she's just a scientist. It's not like she does anything important like write million dollar checks for the Gingrich Campaign.

This is all just a stupid little flare up in the ever embarrassing fight between people who deny global warming exists and everyone else who is right. That first category should really be limited to industries that would face stronger environmental regulation but thanks to the twin efforts of propaganda and the manufactured Red versus Blue political climate, there's plenty of Joe Six-Packs and Mary Jane Rot-in-Crotches who are jumping on the "skeptic" bandwagon.

I use quotes because it's not really skepticism. At best, it's being a recalcitrant jackass. Your average "It's only a theory!" screwhead hasn't looked at the science because that's not what they care about - they care about being on the opposite side of whatever position those durn dirty libruls take. Al Gore says global warming is bad, therefore - to the mind of an American Conservative - it is not bad or doesn't exist in the first place.

There's no logic to this. People who vote Republican, identify as "strongly conservative," deny the Tea Party is in the least bit racist - they're not mislead or cleverly oppressed. They're just jerks. If you've ever had the misfortune of living in the "Heartland" like I did for several years, you'll recognize this. American Conservatives are mean and stupid and proud of it. And we've got another ten months of Wall Street stooges trying to flatter their stunted, provincial brains with bullshit just like this.

Makes you wish Kim Junior would hurry up and launch those nukes...

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  1. I feel your pain, bro, but if it's any consolation, retardism is a disease that respects no borders... like you say the fuckwits are actually proud of their fuckwitism - it's like trying to reason with Jehovah's fuckin Witnesses. Futile.