Friday, January 6, 2012

Buy My Book! Part 2

I'm honestly sad Michelle Bachmann dropped out of the race. Mostly because it puts a crimp in my marketing strategy for One Nation Under God. I can't exactly scare up sales with the implication that the world presented in the novel is Bachmann's America now can I?

Still, there's always it's larger take on contemporary American politics:

The floor meanwhile came to some form of attention. The few reps who'd actually shown up were shushing each other as a man in a distinct cornflower tie took the podium. Joe had been following this guy for a while now - well-to-do son of some other well-to-do son who really believed what they said on Sunday mornings.

"Ladies and Gentlemen," Mr. Cornflower began. "Fellow members of Congress, honored guests. I come here today to speak about something we never like to talk about. Something that goes on every day in this Great Nation while we and others whose conscience would drive them to act instead look away. We pretend not to see."

The fellow members of Congress weren't paying much attention. Joe could see, though, that the majority of those who actually showed up were from Mr. Cornflower's own party. "Easy sell," he whispered to Matt.

"For too long now," continued Mr. Cornflower, "we have refused to acknowledge this disgraceful act for what it is. We have allowed ourselves to be seduced by the rationalizations offered by moral relativists — mostly of a secular and leftist persuasion — who do not share our American values. They assure us that it is an acceptable 'choice,' that there's nothing wrong with the callous throwing away of human life that has yet to live. Let me be perfectly clear, the taking of human life at any time is wrong."

"Wait — doesn't this guy support the death penalty for retards?" Matt asked.

“You should’ve seen him last week,” countered Joe. “Decried ‘entitlements’ while pitching another Capitol One rescue all in the same breath!”

...Yeah, that ain't changing any time soon. So head on over to Amazon and wallow in the misery with me!

You know you want it!

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