Monday, January 16, 2012

The Dumbest Show on Earth

I haven't been paying much attention to the primaries lately. Mostly because I know without looking that they're just going through the motions of crowning Romney the nominee. And damn am I ever right - Senator Man-on-Dog dropped to 9% in New Hampshire last week with Romney galloping past 25%. This is a victory for some reason. You'd think they could make up some better sounding statistics but no, everyone insists 25% is very impressive for a guy who's been campaigning for six years.

I'll be sad to see the primary go, not just because it means a Bachmann presidency will cease to be a possibility. It was never a probability but I was banking on the possibility. The rest was an amusing sideshow and good SNL material.

But now we're in for nearly a year of Romney v. Obama trying to present themselves as different in any way that matters. Mitt was kind enough to offer this -

Ahahahahahahaha!!! Good ol' Mitt! Always the entertainer!

'Cause that's all this mess is, even when it's the real election and not just the extended coming out party we've been throwing for Romney since last July. Neither of these screwheads are going to fix the economy. They can't. Doing so would involve fighting back against the great Hayekian delusions of 21st Century America - taxing the rich bad, austerity good, national debt equals personal debt because no one at the policy level understands their own fucking job. No matter who loses, Wall Street wins.

The real show this year is going to be Occupy, especially in California. And it ain't gonna be pretty, or successful as I'll explain next...

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