Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ron Paul Wants You To Die

I hate Ron Paul. I make no secret of it. I hate him in that very special way you reserve for con-men who tell you everything you want to hear before ripping off their Mission Impossible masks, giving you one brief glimpse of the terrible reptile underneath before harvesting your organs.

Which I suspect Paul would support, being free-markety and all.

The latest reason I hate Ron Paul -- and why you should too -- is his typically wrongheaded response to Hurricane Irene: "We need to be more like 1900."

Meaning, we need to have the casualties and homelessness a disaster like this would have caused without any sort of civilized society to cushion the blow. Better the injured and displaced go beg from the Catholic Church -- hell, they're probably a bunch of filthy Irish Papists anyway!

This bullshit can't sell fast enough with idiots, otherwise known as 40% of the electorate. They all love to pretend they're a bunch of rugged induhvidualists who can totally perform their own surgeries. All ya need is a bottle of hooch and a carvin' knife, a-hyuk!

These same losers go crying for the nearest handout the rest of the time. Look up the rate of government assistance in Red states compared to Blue states -- on average, those up-by-the-bootstrap conservatives suckle a dollar more from the Federal teat than they ever contribute. By contrast, commie New Englanders receive about 60 cents for each dollar they spend keeping the Paul-supporting welfare queens fed.

These people are imbeciles. Craven fantasy-addicted swine and Paul's continued relevance is owed to his constant pandering to their imagined self-sufficiency. And Paul is a perfect fit for them, advocating the slashing of all government programs except for the truly wasteful -- his own salary.

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