Friday, June 24, 2011

From the Vault: A Vote for Ron Paul is a Vote for Slavery

Originally posted January 2008. Reposted because it's happening all over again...

It's 4:50 AM on a Sunday morning and the shrieking alarm is telling you that if you don't get your lazy ass out of bed and over to the office you're going to be living on the sidewalk. So you get up, shower in lukewarm, mercury rich water, grab a glass of orange juice with spider eggs, and drive your one-mile-per-gallon clunker with no airbags or seatbelts down a road that alternates between potholes and bare dirt to an asbestos packed building with no windows to spend the next fourteen hours staring at a computer for twenty cents an hour and the possibility you'll be in the next round of layoffs.

You’d like to get another job, maybe something with air circulation, but you haven’t done anything else since you were twelve and don’t have the experience. You’d like to have someone take a look at that puss-leaking toe of yours too, just as soon as the next Christmas bonus clears. If you’re female, you’re most likely pregnant for a third time. There used to be a way to take care of that, before the public executions. But at least taxes are way down, right?

Welcome to Ron Paul's America, the place nobody wants to talk about.

You see, Paul is that special breed of Libertarian that doesn’t want any government except the part that pays his salary. A paranoid, fanatical little troll, he wants to gut the federal government of everything regardless of how it will affect the average citizen while at the same time enforcing draconian, medieval morality. But it’s okay, because he’s against the war.

A Ron Paul presidency would be the worst thing possible for America as only Paul is crazy enough to give the bloodsucking corporate oligarchs the freedom they so desire to rape you all day long. Worker rights, education, safety standards, all would be gone within the first hundred days reducing the bulk of the American citizenry to serfs. Then everyone can enjoy the wonder of the free market by paying nine hundred dollars for band-aids, or eating a Whopper made out of rats and snails -- at least until the ozone layer collapse.

Sure he opposes the WTO, just like he opposes the International Criminal Court, the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America -- the only criticisms you'll find reflecting wingnut conspiracy theories of black helicopters -- and NATO. International relations don't matter to Paul or his supporters, because nothing outside America is real, except Soviet ICBMs. And for that, he's more then happy to shovel tax dollars into the Raytheon furnace, paying for the colossal joke of missile defense. A program of such epic failure that not even the professional liars at the Pentagon can dress up this thirty-year-old pipe dream as anything resembling success.

But that's all really secondary to the true keyboard-jockeys passing for libertarians in this country. They're all for business deregulation and shiny, useless war toys, because as long as they are "free" they are happy. And you certainly will be "free" under President Paul, unless you're a woman. It was Paul who submitted the Sanctity of Life Amendment in 2005 to ban abortion at the federal level, an act that could only be explained by Christ-born insanity or brilliant subversion of the forced-breeding movement. Knowing Paul, it wasn't the latter. And he doesn't believe in evolution.

Deregulation, pork-barrel defense spending, oppression of women, hatred of brown people, isolationism, corporatism, rampant religiosity, and environmental ruin. Ron Paul is the second coming of George W. Bush, and he's waiting for you in 2009 2013!

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