Tuesday, January 29, 2013

In Defence of The Filibuster

Senate Democrats have finally found their balls but regrettably are still without brains, which just makes them Republican-Lite. Case in point - they're going after the filibuster.

That'll warm the hearts of all the muddling yuppies who make up their base, since those mean Republicans have been abusing the filibuster to block Obama's agenda. Not like the man could use the most powerful office in the world as a bully pulpit, ramming through the changes this country desperately needs. Not like Democrats could call the GOP's bluff, bring in cots and agree to hold the session until everyone has had their stupid say and a vote can be taken. Not like they could actually find their balls, rather than this big show that they did.

Strom Thurmond filibustering the Civil Rights Act by reciting the names of all his black mistresses.

But what really rankles is the hypocrisy of this whole circus. I know we're not supposed to remember anything from more than two years ago in this country, but I distinctly recall Republicans getting worked up over Democrats pulling the filibuster over and over in 2005. Not that it really stopped the madness, since all legislative action in the Bush years was conducted in back rooms at 2 in the morning. Still, the GOP was threatening not just the "changes" to the filibuster rules the Democrats are suggesting, but scrapping them completely!

It didn't happen of course. So now the Republicans get a turn playing spoiler. A case could be made to do away with the filibuster because none of these creeps want to share. Like taking a two away from children who just won't stop crying whenever someone else gets a turn.

But that would deprive us of the filibuster's true value - punishing U the voter! You elected these cretins, you took all the moaning about "socialism" seriously, you get to have a deadlocked legislature while crooked banks shake you down. Democracy is an organic process requiring constant, thoughtful engagement on the part of the citizen so it is only just that when said citizen has his thumb up his ass, democracy devolves into a sideshow.

The filibuster is an archaic and easily abused piece of parliamentary procedure that stalls the wheels of government and you deserve every second of it. Because you're an asshole.

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