Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Four More Years of Hell

I'm writing this Tuesday morning because the result has been that obvious since the first GOP debate. And because the next four years would be like the last even if Romney won - mean and stupid.

Still gonna gloat though.

Just think back to when the Tea Party kicked off. It may have been mid-wived by the Koch empire but it's been fueled by very real and very stupid rage. Not at the idea of "socialized medicine," whatever the hell that's supposed to mean. And it sure wasn't about government overreach. They just didn't like the idea of everyone getting the same goodies.

Of course they tried to sound principled about it - and when mean hicks try to sound principled they sound even stupider. Cue all the calls of, "Get yer gub'mint hands off mah Medicare!" Or all the rants about how Obama is a secret Kenyan-Muslim-Communist - it's laughable bullshit, but it's the only "principled" way for an aging white tribe to express their displeasure at seeing a successful black man in the White House.

"I'm angry! And stupid!"

Or how about the minarchist brainwave that rode in with the cranky old racists? All that crap about worrying about the deficit? 'Cause that really is crap, not just in a strictly economic sense but also in the sense that none of the "Oh no, deficits!" talk is in any way sincere.

An American conservative only whines about national debt when a Democrat's in office. When the GOP's in charge, you might hear a few grumbles about all the welfare going to lazy brown people. You sure won't hear a goddamn thing about the two hundred million dollar boondoggle called the F-35, from the Tea Party or even the libertarian fifth column over at Reason. Drones are bad and stuff and we should all be scared of Obama's fleet of aerial killbots... but never mind the planes that cost a hundred times more per unit and do the exact same fucking thing.

Seriously, you ever want to see how intellectually and morally bankrupt libertarianism really is, just search Reason Magazine for any mention of the F-35 and watch them split rhetorical hairs over supporting what they admit is "the most expensive procurement program in military history" but still better than those eeevul drones! Though this shouldn't be surprising as a Texas Republican loves the hunk of junk and libertarianism is nothing but the GOP's outreach to the pothead vote.

"So much rolling paper!"

This is the ugly reality you can never admit in America - that so many Americans are just spiteful fools. Not in a What's the Matter with Kansas? way, with them being good at heart and easily manipulated through Protestant blubbering. They're just rotten to the core.

And it works. Those gray hairs and their elaborate bitch-fit managed to make a compromised, watered-down healthcare bill even more watered-down and compromised. And even Obama is taking the deficit "very seriously." Because he can't actually fix it, since that would involve billionaires paying a little more than the lowest taxes in history.

All this mad bullshit, it's been poisoning this country for the past four years. And it's still gonna be here, no matter who's in office.

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