Thursday, November 1, 2012

Big Government Works

So after a year of the national dialogue revolving around who can throw out more of the federal government, God in His infinite wisdom sent the mother of all storms to bitch-slap some sense into us.

There have been forty-five confirmed deaths so far. That's terrible in and of itself, but let's look at the cold statistics. There are over eight million people in New York - 45 ot of 8,000,000 ain't half bad. It's a hell of a lot better than the last time we got hit by a once in a century storm.

This is what "freedom" looks like.

Galveston, Texas, 1900. An era before FEMA or big government of any sort except the Army. Somewhere between 6 to twelve thousand dead - hey, no real census gathering either - almost a sixth of the total population of some thirty-seven thousand at the time. Devastation on such a scale that it even changed history! Galveston had been a city on the move, the Wall Street of Texas. Then it got flattened and now everyone's heard of Huoston instead.

Want a more recent example? There's Katrina - lax Federal response, incompetent State government, 1,800 dead. And that lax Federal response was thanks to George W. Bush pulling a Romney on FEMA in his first term. That's what governmnet-free life consists of. Death.

Good ol' American gumption versus 110mph winds ends in you're fucking dead.

Life gets so comfortable in America that we all tend to forget that shit happens. And when it happens to you, and you're on your own, you fucking die. Government is the only real insurance against that, being non-profit and for the people. Only fools would insist on going without it.

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