Tuesday, October 4, 2011

This Is What Real Populism Looks Like

Despite the many media attempts to downplay it, the Occupy Wall Street crowd just keeps growing and growing. Not even arresting 700 at once has made a dent in their numbers. Hell, it's galvanizing the movement across the whole country! If this weird-ass flu let's up, I'll be joining the DC event this Thursday.

And really, it's about bloody time. I don't feel like rehashing the many many many reasons why Wall Street needs a good purge. It's good to finally see enough people getting pissed off and demanding a change - a real one this time. The whole thing has the feeling of a real shift in the culture that's going to start moving America in the right direction - or prompt a draconian lockdown by the banker-owned politicians that finally completes the US's transmogrification into the USSR with more fat chicks, but I'll get to that some other time...

But the best part right now is how the entire Occupy Wall Street movement is revealing the Tea Party to be astroturf collabos. Quick, how many Tea Baggers got maced during their little hissy fit on the Mall last year? How many have been maced, beaten, arrested, or otherwise very clearly abused by the Big Gub'mint they so hate? Ever?

None! Not a goddamn one can point to a scar and say "I got that for Liberty!" Not a one! Because they were never a real populist movement. They were never even a really popular movement. They were the last gasp of the histrionic Reaganites who spent the 90s bitching about Bill Clinton's penis. Culture warriors whose culture lost more than a decade ago.

Now we've get real outrage in the streets and real scars to show for it. And the Tea Party pussies are nowhere in sight.


  1. The disparity in treatment of Tea Partyers (or Baggers) and OWS, as well as the disparaging remarks and criticism made of OWS by most public figures who aren't liberal, (not to mention the poor coverage and condescension by most of the MSM), proves what we already know, but what the majority doesn't want to admit; this IS class warfare. One shouldn't be surprised that the class that's been trampled the most is fighting back (finally).

  2. Ron Paul people seem to hate OWS too: