Monday, October 24, 2011

Stump Speech 2: Stump Harder!

Obama is the worst sort of inconstant friend - he'll feed you honeyed words when it suits his interests, stab you in the back for three years, then turn around with a big ol' "I Still Love You Cake" when his performance review is due. And he can get away with it as long as the "loyal opposition" is a psychopathic doomsday cult.

Barry's latest campaign pitch is to use his unitary executive powers to relieve underwater homeowners. This is a case where opponents are going to immediately scream socialism like the trained monkeys they are but each and every voter this initiative helps - whether or not they want to keep the gub'mint's hands off their Medicare - will be an instant convert. In America, ideology always gives way to meeting animal comforts.

I'm happier with my taxes going to real people as opposed to gambling addicts in fancy suits, but that's all the opinion I really have on the policy itself. The cunning behind it, and the inevitably hysterical reaction, is much more interesting...


  1. "In America, ideology always gives way to meeting animal comforts."

    To a certain extent, I think that it's generally human nature to be most motivated by material self-interest, in terms of meeting basic needs, and perceived needs (which are usually a lot more than basic). However, I think that America's level of "perceived needs" is such as to make it sometimes appear that we have no real soul.