Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I Call Bullshit

So while checking the news last night to figure out what all those sirens in Arlington were for, I came across the Obama Administration crowing about how they totally foiled an Iranian terrorist plot to whack the Saudi ambassador. See, this Iranian guy living in Texas hired a Mexican to plant bombs, only there were never any bombs planted:

"FBI Director Robert Mueller said many lives could have been lost. But Preet Bharara, the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, said no explosives were actually placed and no one was in any danger because of the informant's cooperation with authorities."

That line comes more than halfway through the article - so twice as far as the typical American would read. Maybe it was all the fraud and collective stupidity surrounding the invasion of Iraq, but I can't help feeling suspicious of any big blaring "Iranian Terror Threat!" headlines. As mouthy as Ahmadinejad gets, he's less than a figurehead over there. The real power rests with the Ayatollah and the Guardian Council, a bunch of smart, cautious religious oligarchs. Even indirectly staging a bombing on American soil would be strategic suicide and they haven't ruled Iran for over thirty years by being reckless.

I'm not saying nobody tried to whack the ambassador. Absolutely everyone hates the Saudis so the odd bomb plot isn't that surprising. But I just don't buy this whole Iran connection, especially with the Mexican hitman. Washington's had a mad-on for invading Iran for years now, a thoroughly retarded idea favored by both parties, so blaming Iran for everything from the failure in Iraq to malware at the SEC has just become common practice. And the Mexican angle just sounds too much like the whole Jose Padilla mess...

UPDATE: I'm not the only one.

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