Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Confessions of a Wage Slave, II

Every week I would hear the same complaints about the same person from my co-workers at General Dynamics.

This woman proved incapable of filing reports properly, responding to emails within the same fiscal year, or displaying any of the competence normally associated with someone who completed third grade. So, classic middle-management potential.

But her failures weren't the issue. No, the issue was her attitude. You see, this special ed case was rude! and that just won't do...

"Why, I'm going to fuss and fume to everyone within shouting distance until the problem goes away!"

It never occurred to these spinsters to hang up the phone, reject the reports, or anything else that would cause the offending party to maybe get her own shit together.

No, they had to resolve this in such a way that this woman could file another report incorrectly the next week and get the whole process rolling again. I'm not sure why this song and dance continued.

Maybe some cognitive dissonance from the passive-aggression drilled into southern ladies smacking head first into the aggressive-aggression to which all Americans are socialized: "I have to be polite to her, but I can't let her win! And not inviting her to the potluck isn't working!"

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