Monday, April 15, 2013

USA: United Sovoks of America

The soviet culture of the United States is always at it's most overt when someone dies. We get to see flashes of it during election season but it really takes death to expose how vigorously we lie to ourselves. About everything.

This is what "freedom" looks like...

Margaret "Iron Twat" Thatcher, who helped lay the foundation for the modern economic crisis through the usual "Government Bad! Business Good!" bullshit, is just the latest catalyst for this depressing show. All the conservatives are naturally hailing her and depicting her boinking Reagen in Heaven but the progressive response hasn't been much different. Lots of bullshit "middle ground" nonsense and outright lies as nobody can break the long established taboo of speaking ill of the recently deceased. The same thing happened when Andrew Breitbart's heart exploded from too much cocaine, with only the eXiled and eXile alum Matt Taibbi daring to say they were glad to see the rotten bastard gone. Taibbi, being more mainstream these days, took a whole lot of flak for being "indecent."

But decency's got nothing to do with this. Americans were just as happy to cheer the deaths of Osama bin Laden and Gaddafi back in 2011. There was dancing in the streets when Obama announced he'd capped Osama - which is understandable to a degree. But the same reaction to Gaddafi? Besides being the target of a NATO airstrike, why the fuck did anyone even care about that sad old queen!?

The Brits have been far more honest about Maggie - hilariously so. And it's got their colonial cousins all flustered. "Insensitive," "Heartless," and some other adjectives popular with the professionally offended have cropped up at the sight of a people expressing their honest opinion of a former leader. You'd think Americans would be all for that sort of thing because democracy and all.

"How dare you express yourself freely!"

And you'd be wrong. American democracy isn't about honesty, it's about a bland groupthink. Everyone weeping at the Official Heroes, snarling at the Official Villains, and smiling dumbly to one another while filled with a seething contempt that occasionally manifests in mass shootings.

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