Monday, April 8, 2013

Ken Cuccinelli is Gay

One thing I won't miss about the Commonwealth is how so many Republicans treat it as a jumping off point to one national campaign or another...

Case in point - Ken Cuccinelli, state attorney general more concerned with posturing for ignorant screwheads than doing his goddamn job. Cucci's latest bit of hysterics has to do with trying to re-instate Virginia's anti-sodomy legislation on the grounds that the State Supreme Court didn't think of the children when it declared the law unconstitutional.

One would hope judges don't think about kids in the context of anal sex...

But that's all really besides the point. Cuccinelli's entire tenure as attorney general has been marked by consistent and embarassing political spectacles like this, though usually just in the usual Obummer bitch-fest. His whole persona up until now has been the small-government, common-sense guy. So you'd expect he wouldn't care about sodomy because of all that liberty guff but that would be intentionally ignoring how minarchism is manifested in America today.

And then there's the precedent. Mark Foley, Larry Craig, Bob Allen, Glenn Murphy Jr., Ken Mehlman... Really, the Grand Old Party has so many closet cases you start to think the closet has some recursive geometry going on. And the one other thing all these closeted Republicans shared was their support for anti-gay legislation as they personally needed it to remain straight.

So, now taking bets on when the Ken Cuccinelli gay sex scandal kicks off...

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