Friday, June 29, 2012

The Notorious and Legendary Dog and Pony Show

Fuck this country. Just fuck it with a hammer...

Okay, so Obamacare lives. Yay, right? 'Cause that sure is a victory for The People, what with a round-about tax-in-everything-but-name scheme dreamed up by those progressive luminaries at the Heritage Foundation. It's like single-payer, only without all that accountability and efficiancy.

But the sick thing is yes, this is a victory. Not just that it tweaks all the Tea Party screwheads but that this is the only way in our rotten system of getting healthcare for every American. Thanks to half a century of stupid propaganda, we can't even look anything that could be construed as "socialism" - and when you get right down to it, any modern state is going to have socialist aspects. Because that's just how shit gets done these days. Hell, we already do it in this sucker nation.

Look at Medicare - not Parts A and B that Johnson gave us but the much more comprehensive Part C. It's called Medicare Advantage and it's administered by the same insurance companies that routinely deny you coverage. Not so they can pay for granpa and granma, those old dust bags still pay a premium of five figures on average. It's just somewhat regulated as said companies are working under contract to CMS. It's not like a single-payer system, it is single-payer! Only warped through enough bureaocratic hoodoo to disguise that fact, lest it appear to be the dreaded socialism.

The American healthcare crisis has nothing to do with paying or even providing service. That's covered, more than even infrastructure. No, we're in a mess because we're all too fucking scared stupid of a fifty-year-old bogeyman to just do what works! We're like those idiots in Pompeii, praying to the impotent statues while the lava flows in!

If you like Obamacare, you're a sucker. If you think it's an afront to liberty, you're a fool. Either way, when you get cancer it'll be a rare instance of justice in the world.

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