Friday, May 18, 2012

Why Do Republicans Hate America?

In all the noise about Obama shoring up the queer vote, very little time is given to an issue that will personally impact the majority of Americans - how much Mitt Romney hates this country. Namely, how much he hates this country doing for itself rather than hiring others, which effectively just adds another layer of bureaucratic dickering and costs a heap more money to reach the same goddamn result. In this case, his Medicare "reform" hooey.

Medicare is a big issue this year. The folks who don't understand how FIFA works are screaming that it's insolvent and everyone else isn't really paying attention, so this claim that it needs some sort of reform is being reported with seriousness. First off - for Medicare to become insolvent as many doomsaying nimrods insist will happen, the entire US economy would have to cease to exist. 'Cause see, that's how the whole tax and spend thing works.

Second - for Mitt's voucher scheme to work, you need to defund as much non-primary coverage as possible. The net result is that you are paying more for the same benefits, or what you pay now for inferior-to-no benefits. Otherwise the "competition" he claims this will create will all be one sided - all the old folks taking the Medicare-covered plans because they're cheaper and involve less fussing with insurance people. It's outsourcing, just like how your data entry job went to Kolkata.

And this is nothing new for a Republican candidate.

In 2003, Donald Rumsfeld - with the blessings of George W. Bush - set out to revolutionize American warfighting by doing it Wal-Mart style. Low cost and outsourced. Everything from washing BDUs to guarding viceroy Bremer was contracted out to some private company with no Congresisonal oversight. At a premium I might add, a premium of your tax dollars. You suckers.

Since then, we've witnessed a parade of corruption stories from the occupation. A hundred dollars for a load of laundry, GIs electrocuted in showers, empty trucks sent up and down IED-saturated highways so the contractors could pad their timesheets - with Army grunts doing the actual driving of course. They took to calling it "sailboat fuel."

And let's not forget that bastion of private enterprise efficiancy - Blackwater. All those mercenaries who cost the taxpayer a hundred times more than a real American soldier and like to spend their pay on raping 11-year-old girls. Yay free markets!

Now Romney wants to do the same thing with healthcare and people still think this is a good idea. I can see why Republicans hate America now - why should you gullible freaks get any healthcare in the first place?

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