Thursday, March 7, 2013

Rand Paul Hates Your Liberty

So Rand "Aqua Buddha" Paul made a big symbolic gesture in the Senate yesterday, filibustering against a new CIA chief for his entire lunch break. Even nominal liberals cheered him on, having long ago confused making noise about the vulgarities of war to be the same as actually doing something. Yay for Liberty and Rule of Law and duh dur doi...

Haven't you screwheads picked up on anything by now? You think anyone in the Senate gives a damn about the "horrors" of drone warfare? You think anyone in all of DC gives a shit about your personal liberty?

"Duh, Rand Paul does! Duh, dur, read Atlas Shrugged!"

No he doesn't.

"No drones and no coloreds!"

That's Lil' Randy in his own words and don't tell me there's anything principled about defending the "right" of a business to actively hate on people. 'Cause that's exactly what southern segregation was, hate of black people enforced by law and custom. The only way to change a custom is to change the law or kill everyone. And like every other libertarian, Paul couches his hideous views in shallow platitudes about the First Amendment.

And it's not just the racism that's hideous. Listen again to what Paul is saying and you'll hear the ugly truth of libertariansim - turning workers into slaves. That's what giving a free pass to business would accomplish, that's what the free pass to business did accomplish until the US recognized basic labor rights, and it's what libertarians are always trying to do under a smokescreen of tricorn hat shmaltz. I would ask how you morons can stand to see a rat like Paul drag the Constitution through the dirt like that but clearly you can't be reasoned with. And you hate America.

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