Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Live from Dumbfuckistan!

Republicans still hate women, in case you forgot. And if you're too lazy to click that link, Missouri Senator Todd Akin recently said about rape pregnancies, "It seems to me first of all, from what I understand from doctors, that's really rare..."

Someone doesn't know how is babby formed...

Akin is rightly taking a shit-storm over this, even after apologizing. But most of the shit-storm is focused on his party's intractable misogyny rather than his much more glaring ignorance of basic biology. Now the odd elected official with less sense than a fourteen-year-old isn't noteworthy in itself, but Akin is another in a long line of Republican politicians and sockmonkeys to demonstrate this very specific ignorance.

Earlier this year, a whole mess of GOP leaders and stooges sounded off on the evils of birth control. Specifically, the evils of our tax money paying for each pill vulgar slatterns pop every time they want to get horizontal. Now aside from the fact that they seem to have been arguing we got universal healthcare when no one was looking, the "one pill per pounding" description they used is laughably wrong. If you're a woman, or have ever "known" a woman, you know the pill is an everyday thing, sex or not. Caroline Rhea even used that as part of her stand-up material, complaining that having to take "My loser pill!" everyday was just reminding her she wasn't getting laid.

So how could so many Very Important Men totally fuck up the facts of this issue? Because facts in America, especially scientific facts, are optional these days.

Let's take a look at Akin again - his claim is essentially that the female body can recognize when sex is nonconsensual and thus "choose" not to ovulate. If you've had a middle school health class, you should know ovulation is not a choice... but that would make Akin's opposition to abortion even in the instance of rape look horrible. And rightly so. Even Akin finds it horrible, so he desperately tries to rationalize and voila! Rape pregnancies are a choice!

This is the net effect of a culture where evolution is "just a theory" and where homosexuality, even in the deepest pit of the Bible Belt where it's little more than a death sentence, is a "lifestyle choice." Actual study of the phenomena offer different explanations, but those explanations make some people sad so we can't just accept them. It's the political correctness of the American Right, where reality is subordinate to making idiot hicks feel good about themselves.


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