Thursday, July 12, 2012

VectorPress Presents: Remedial Political Science

For too many years, much of the political debate among the nobodies in America has consisted of arguing over what The Government wants. Typically in shrill claims of "The Government wants this!" or "The Government doesn't want that!" If you ever find yourself offering such an argument, you should stop. Because you are being a goddamned idiot. The Government doesn't want anything because "The Government" is not a conscious entity.

There are people who want things of course. The people who run The Government want tax cuts, highballs, and more golf time. So they invest some of their inherited wealth in the people who think they run The Government. Those chuckleheads want to hold on to their phony baloney jobs, so they'll schmooze with the people who run The Government and act out for their respective voting blocs.

Now, you may choose to argue this point. If you're stupid. "But The Government wants to keep the Af-Pak war going!" or "The Government wants to regulate lady parts!" or "The Government wants my money! I don't understand the concept of taxation!" That last is what passes for conservative rhetoric these days and isn't worth debating. Ever. But the other two issues fit in with what I just said - schmoozing the right donors and acting out for the right voting blocs. The rest of conservative rhetoric is bare-knuckled misogyny so crusading against women enjoying sex without consequence is a sure ticket come November. As for all those wars - you ever wonder why construction of the B-2 bomber is spread over 48 states? Or why, when Afghanistan was an obvious waste to everyone, they suddenly discover "mineral deposits" all over that wasteland?

There's really no big conspiracy here. The people who make the decisions at the top are following dumb, venal agendas. Used to be idealists would sneak in and you'de get stuff like Medicare or labor laws but since Reagan everyone's socialized from an early age to put career and conspicuous consumption first. That doesn't allow for much progress, which would involve commitment and sacrifice - sometimes of said career!

And The People? Near as I can tell, The People just want childrens' stories and porn. It's not as far reaching but it's just as despicable.

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