Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Return of Fake Outrage

What the hell is wrong with America? We've got plenty of real issues for the 2012 campaign, plenty of nasty crap that directly affects people's lives, but all you see on the news is an escalation of outrage over nonsense.

Take last week for example - Hillary Rosen, one of CNN's professional pinheads, says a millionaire lady has never worked a day in her life. Cue a Fox News shit-storm of how Democrats don't think mothers work and how Obama is waging a war on moms. I'm not linking to any examples because they're all stupid - all of 'em! - and you've probably seen it already.

Or how about this week - Ted Nugent continues his impotent gun nut posturing by not-so-subtly hinting he'll go John WIlkes Booth if Obama is re-elected. He says it on video - like the moron he is - at some NRA circle jerk with a big fat loser in a Ron Paul shirt behind him. Funny thing is, threatening the President of the United States is actually a fellony so now the washed-up STD incubator is getting visits from the Secret Service. Good schadenfrued but as issues go it's just as non-existent as Rosen.

And in between? Well, the GOP blocked a much needed tax hike on the bankster scam artists who crashed the economy and some soldier leaked a bunch of photos of his buddies posing with Afghan body parts. That upset the Pentagon, who've generated another phony debate about how publishing the photos will just make the Afghans angry at us.

Because obviously they were okay with being blown up in the first place. It's seeing pictures of what they directly experience every day that'll hamper the whole "hearts and minds" thing...

Jesus, is this really what we talk about? Either the nattering of asshole nobodies or some sophomoric attempt at Orwellian perception mamagement? Has America really become that retarded!?

...You know, it has. Fuck the election, not like it matters who steers this ship of fools if everyone else is blowing holes in the hull.

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