Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Rush to Failure

Watching the primitive screwheads rebel against Emperor Seth's contraception initiative is hilarious as well as heartening. Not just because of the apparent truth that folks like Rush Limbaugh and Rick Santorum don't understand female anatomy, but because of the deeper truth exposed by this latest fiasco. A truth that's been staring everyone in the face since last fall but we've all been too afraid to admit it. As if articulating such a godsend will reverse it. But with this latest circus, I feel pretty comfortable in stating a simple fact -

The GOP is going to lose in November.

Commence the Freud jokes!

Not because Obama is the best choice. He may be better relative to the crop of extended-primary choices but he's nowhere near what this country needs to turn things around. And it's not because Americans have suddenly found basic human decency. No, the GOP is going down for the simple reason that they can't get their shit together.

They had a good run, trading on the spite of white middle-class losers who were still sore at the 60s for some reason. But that party's ending and we're all presently watching the awful collective hangover and shocked faces that all but say, "I slept with that!?"

The end began back in 2008. Something about losing to a Democrat - and a black one at that - just sent the Republican Party and their supporters into a tailspin of crazy. Several years of paranoid - and very stupid - rhetoric later and we've got a gaggle of has-beens, no-beens, and Ron "I Don't Understand How the Federal Government Actually Works" Paul desperately campaigning for the most reactionary and irrelevant corners of the American electorate.

While I hesitate to call this a victory, I can't help feeling all warm and fuzzy at the sight of this once terrible ogre hobbled by its own weight.

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  1. Damn Straight GOP is gonna lose in Nov. B/c Showbama has SUCCESSFULLY pandered to the powers that be. He drinks the same koolaid as the BVSH empire architects.

    So...what's a two party system supposed to do when really there's ONE agenda so to speak? Revert to fake standby issues to keep the hoi polloi going. WHo says elections aren't rigged! One rigged election deserves another.