Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Support the Troops?

You can't throw a molotov without hitting that little yellow ribbon. You know the one I mean, the one planted on the ass of any SUV to decalre the owner unequivocally Supports the Troops!

This is a big deal in the US of A. You aren't a good citizen unless you are ready to drop to your knees at any time of the day to declare your absolute Support of the blessed Troops. If you didn't then Lord only knows what would happen -- why, anything from weapon jams to bin Laden rising from his watery grave to devour all the pretty blonde white girls.

I for one, have done more to Support the Troops than any subjectively free citizen since the Spartan state went under. I've sacrificed my future for starters -- any hope of comfortable retirement, any hope of adequete medical care in old age, all gone for the sake of the Troops. I've even indebted myself to acquire the necessary education certificates to get a job slightly better than retail, so at least I won't have to eat Alpo until they downsize me or just replace me with a younger model. And really, I've given up all hope of First World medical care in my current years because of course you can't have a Single Payer healthcare plan when there are Troops to Support.

That's not even getting into all the other benefits of a modern democracy I've sacrificed just to Support the Troops -- roads, bridges, primary and secondary education, meat inspection (because hamburger tainted with fecal matter tastes like freedom!) and any possibility of justice against that most flagrant of criminal syndicates, Wall Street.

I've done all this and more to Support the Troops! Though I'm not sure why 'cause they've done fuck-all for me.

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