Friday, April 8, 2011

New Blog, New Directions, Old Spite

Can't very well reboot the ol' blag without an introductory post now can I? Especially since my real name is attached now. The things I do for publicity...

I'm a working writer. I've got a novel out on Kindle -- Fiend -- you should buy it. I'll be talking it up non-stop alongside philosophical ramblings, political rantings, and the odd book or movie review. I may even institute regular weekly features (like the "Two Minute Hate" I used to do in 2009, or random photos filched across the internet). As much as I like my privacy -- and as much as I hate the Web 2.0 culture -- I can't seem to shut up. Ever.

So buy my book and give me money (see above or to the left). Or be my friend and I'll give you a free copy. Remember: if you buy it then I don't care if you read it and if you read it then I don't care if you buy it.

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